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In this article, we will teach you how to create a website using Wix in 5 simple steps. Wix is a very beginner-friendly website builder. Currently, it is one of the most popular and cost-effective way for professionals and small businesses worldwide to create a website.

Wix lets you create a very professional, responsive and dynamic website for your business. Anybody can create a website using Wix. It’s that easy to use. 

You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to use Wix. You can create any type of website such as e-commerce/online store, portfolio, business, etc. with Wix. Not only websites but Wix also lets you create an SEO optimized blog as well.

Wix has both free and premium plans. The free plan includes a website hosted on a Wix subdomain(yoursite.wixsite.com), 500 MB storage space on the server and 500 MB of monthly bandwidth. On a free plan, you and your visitors will see Wix ads on your website.

Premium plans start from just Rs 29 per month and include a free domain of your choice, 10 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, no Wix ads, Google Analytics, premium support and lots of other features.

5 Simple Steps To Create A Website Using Wix

  1. Sign-up for an account to start creating a website
  2. Answer a few questions asked by Wix’s artificial intelligence
  3. Choose a page layout/theme for your website
  4. Design and customize pages for your website
  5. Publish your website and make it live

Step 1 - Sign Up for an Account to Get Started

build a website with wix

The first step is to signup for an account on Wix to start creating a website. You can register using social media accounts such as Facebook and Google.

After signing up, Wix’s artificial intelligence(Wix ADI) will ask you some questions to understand your requirement and accordingly assist you in fulfilling your requirements.

Some of the questions are:-

  • Are you creating a website for yourself, a client, a company you work for or someone else?
  • What type of website is it? You can select the answer from the following the options:- business, online store, music, designer, blog, beauty & wellness, portfolio & CV, events, photography, restaurant & food, accommodation, other.
  • Have you created a website previously or is this your first time? 
After you answer these questions, Wix will provide two options to process ahead
  1. Answer a few more questions and let Wix ADI design a website for you
  2. Skip the questions and head straight to the Wix editor and choose a template
 To make things simpler and easier, we will select the first option and answer the questions.

Step 2 - Let Wix ADI Design the Website for You

Wix ADI questions

The first question is the one that you see in the image above. I know that you have already answered that question previously in the first step. 

But now, you need to be very specific and there are plenty of options to choose from. You need to select or type the most appropriate option or if possible, the exact option from the list.

Based on your selection, Wix will suggest some features such as a blog, chat, bookings, videos, online store, etc. that you can add to your website.

After adding the features you need to enter the name of your website or business. You can also import content from an existing website, a Facebook Business Page or a Google My Business page by pasting the respective links.

On the next page, you can add a logo for your website, address and phone number of your business as well as links to your social media accounts.

You also need to select a theme for your website before proceeding to the next step. A theme basically consists of the fonts and colors to be used on the website.

Step 3 - Select a Template for Your Website

Wix templates

Based on the selections made in the previous step Wix will now provide some fully-ready page templates. You can scroll and check each of the options and select the one that you think will be suitable for your website.

Apart from these templates, there are plenty of other templates that you can choose from. If you don’t like the templates suggested by Wix, you have the option to change it later.

You can choose from hundreds of free themes in different categories and sub-categories from the Wix Dashboard.

Wix templates categories

After choosing the template, you can start designing and customizing your website using the Wix Editor/Builder.

Step 4 - Edit & Customize Your Website's Design

Wix website editor

Designing and creating a website has never been this easy. As we previously said, anybody can create a website that’s responsive and stunning using Wix. 

You will find this out yourself in this step and we are sure that you will agree with us. As you can see from the image above, there are several options and drop-down menus to design and customize the pages of your website.

Once you access the Wix ADI website builder, everything is pretty self-explanatory.

The Pages menu lets you add pages and make changes to the existing pages. You will also find a list of pre-built/ready-made pages that you can add apart from the ones that you already have. 

The Add option lets you add pages as well as sections to the existing pages. You can also add applications such as Chat, Blog, Bookings, Member Login Accounts, Online Store, Forum, Paid plans, Instagram Feed, Videos, Events, etc.

From the Design menu, you can change the theme of your website. You can also make changes to font, color and add animation. You can even change the entire layout of your page and select a ready-made page layout from the Design menu if you don’t like the current design/layout of your page.

The Manage Apps menu lets you manage, configure, add as well as delete all the applications that you have added to your site. 

Beside the Wix logo at the top-center, there is an option to check the responsiveness of your website. You can check how the site looks on a desktop/laptop as well as a mobile phone.

If you want to design or make changes to the mobile version’s layout then you can do it from here.

From the Help option, you can browse through a list of frequently asked questions and get the solutions. 

The Site menu has a lot of options such as Dashboard, Settings, Site History, Connect Domain, Get Found on Google, Get Feedback, My Sites, Create New Site, Wix Editor(Wix Editor & Wix ADI website builder are different options), etc.

The Dashboard will be one of the most visited pages that you will access everyday. It is the Control Panel of your website. 

From the Wix Dashboard, you can configure, manage, edit, rename, transfer or delete your website. You can also create a new website as well as optimize your current website for search engines from here.

Basically, you can make any and every kind of changes to your website from the Dashboard.

Wix Dashboard

Lastly, you will see Upgrade, Preview and Publish option. You can choose the Upgrade option to subscribe to a paid/premium plan. 

You can preview the desktop and mobile version of your site using the Preview option. The Publish option will make your website up and running.

Step 5 - Publish Your Website

Publish Wix Website

Now that you have designed and customized the web pages, you just have one last step left to create our Wix website. 

You need to get your website up and running by publishing and making your site live. And, to publish your website, you need to connect a domain name.

How to create a website using Wix?
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How to create a website using Wix?
Wix lets you create a very professional, responsive and dynamic website for your business. Anybody can create a website using Wix. It’s that easy to use.
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